You know the line in Despicable Me where the youngest Agnes says "He's So FLUFFY, I'm gonna die"? That's what I think almost every time I see an alpaca video. They're cute and they're so FLUFFY! Look for yourself in this video:

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How can you not smile or laugh when you look at them. Which is why, if you're like me, you'll want to check out a Chili Cook Off being held by and at Triple T Alpaca that is coming up Saturday, October 15th from 10am-4pm.

Bring the family for the fun that includes a lot! According to the event page there will be

vendors, free farm tours, free face painting and CHILI TASTING!!!

You can also FEED and pet the alpacas! That is probably going to my favorite part of this whole event. But for those wanting to try chili the tickets for tasting are $3 a person. But if you think you have stellar chili that should be entered in for a chance to win cash or prizes, you can do that with a $10 entry fee by entering HERE.

A little about Triple T Alpaca they were recently honored by being ranked 4th in the nation this year amongst New Small Breeders and has been around since 2018 in Foreston, Minnesota which is only about 30 minutes from Saint Cloud. They are very active in the community and always seem to have other fun activities going on.

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To which I did a little more digging around and see that one of those other events include 'Yoga with Alpacas' and I can hardly contain my excitement. Looks like I just missed one, but it appears to be pretty popular so I'd bet there will be more to come for anyone who is willing to brave doing yoga moves with cuteness all around, I know I will!

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