This story might have ended much worse were it not for the quick thinking and reaction by those nearby.

Nathan Sisk was at Quarry Park and Nature Preserve in Waite Park Saturday afternoon with his girlfriend and three children when he heard a mother cry out -- her four-year old daughter was missing.

An emergency manager at Monticello's nuclear plant, Sisk jumped to action, ordering everyone out of the water and then picking those who looked like strong swimmers to join him.

"I said you and you swim straight across the pond," reports WJON, "you swim straight across to the steps, the rest start combing the shallow ends of the water."

The girl was found by Jason Weber of Elk River in 10-15 feet of water and pulled to shore where an unidentified woman began CPR until first responders arrived.

"Due to the quick reaction of strangers, the child had a pulse and was transported to the St. Cloud Hospital where she is listed in critical condition," reports Bring Me the News.

Time and again we see how often tragedy can bring about the best of a community, and this incident is no exception. Fortunately, it ended well. We continue wishing the girl a quick recovery.

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