I think that it goes without saying that one of the most underappreciated professions in the country is teaching. Educating our youth the most important thing we can do to secure a bright and productive future.

Now, granted, there are some teachers that probably don’t actually have a passion for teaching. They show up, give an assignment, and expect a paycheck. But I think we all know at least one or two educators that always go the extra mile and take a sincere interest in the lives and well being of their students.

One such teacher is Cindy Peters. She is the special needs teacher at Big Lake Middle school, and she just so happens to be The River teacher of the week. She was nominated by her husband, and after reviewing her history as an educator, we decided that she had to be this week’s winner.

We surprised Cindy with an enormous breadbasket, some River apparel, and a pretty slick congratulatory plaque. Congrats to Cindy! If you’d like to nominate a special teacher in your life that deserves to be recognized, you can do so right here on our website. Simply click on “Nominate A Teacher” at the top of the page.

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