On Tuesday, July 7th, Desiree Clark had taken her kids to play at St. Cloud's Woodland Hills Park. What was supposed to be a fun outing turned into a conversation about racism and vandalism.

Desiree posted photos of the park slide that had been vandalized with an engraving of a swastica saying:

I finally said yes to allowing the boys to come play at the park. The park was just redone in the fall. It has been vandalized. My kids are now asking me what this says and what it means. First conversation about racism at 5 yo and 2 yo. Not how I expected this evening to go at all.

In addition to the symbol, a racist word was written on the slide as well.

Local group Unitecloud saw the post, and shared it on their page and reached out to Mayor Dave Kleis and council members to get the problem taken care of as soon as possible. As of 9:40 am on July 9th, the carvings had been buffed out of the slide.

Thank you, city of St. Cloud for your swift response to this issue. With everything happening in our world right now I can only hope that people find it in their hearts to spread love and kindness instead of hatred. If only we could buff out all the bad in the world just like what was done to the slide.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
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