It was the worst winter storm on record for Halloween in Minnesota and pretty much made the exciting holiday not happen back in 1991.

For days before the storm, forecasters warned us that a big snow fall was coming, but since it was only Halloween we couldn't have imagined it would literally shut down the entire upper Midwest!

After a couple days of straight snow fall, there were nearly 37 inches of snow on Duluth, Minneapolis had over 28 inches, and here in St. Cloud we had just over 13 inches of snow.

The Metrodome had 24-7 workers clearing off snow from the roof, which was at risk of caving in. It eventually caved in the final year it stood - from snow, by the way. Eleven counties in southern Minnesota were declared disaster areas, due to an ice storm.  At least 20,000 people in Minnesota lost power. The Governor at the time, Arne Carlson, declared a state of emergency and called out the National Guard in some counties.  And at least 20 people in Minnesota died due to traffic crashes, or heart attacks from digging out after the storm.

The craziest part of it all is that within 2 weeks the snow was all melted because of a warm weather pattern that came through Minnesota.

This year we've already seen a snow fall, but nothing on the radar for tonight. It'll just be cold compared to last year's 50 degree Halloween day. Bundle up and keep the kids warm tonight!

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