By now you've probably seen footage of the moment a tanker truck barrels through a crowd of peaceful protesters on the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis Sunday.

Video clips have posted all over the internet from both the perspective of live television newscasts and observers alike. Here's one shared by KSTP Weekend anchor Brett Hoffland.

Most of the video's I've seen online are relatively brief, only showing the moment the semi speeds into the crowd and then stops. A 3:15-long video shared to reddit, however, is one of the most complete and shocking videos I've seen yet. Filmed from a high vantage point on the southeast side of the I-35 bridge, it captures an aerial-like view of the moments leading up to the horrific scene and following.

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About 25 seconds into the video you can begin to hear a muffled horn over the sounds of the crowd. It grows louder as the the protesters spread out, running for the sides of the bridge (about the :40 second mark) and the tanker speeds into the camera frame (about the :45 second mark). From there, the semi comes to a stop -- miraculously avoiding hitting anybody, according to reports. Protesters can be seen flocking to the truck, climbing on it and beating it. Over the next two minutes, the truck can be seen starting and stopping again, no doubt as protesters attempt to stop the driver. The footage is truly shocking to watch.

According to Bring Me the News, the alleged driver of the tanker that plowed through the crowd of peaceful protesters is Bogdan Vechirko, 35. He drives an independent truck driver for Ken Advantage out of North Canton, Ohio, though he has a Minnesota address in Otsego.

Vechirko sustained minor injuries. According to one protester who was at the scene, he would likely have been beaten or even killed had many of the protesters not protected him against others.

The video above was posted to reddit by reddit user u/Armhamr but is credited to Charles Nolan Digital as the original owner of the content.

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