This might sound brutal, but it's true. The last thing we all want to do is tap through a million stories on Instagram or Snapchat stories of the same flash of light and big boom.

I'm a millennial who posts content on the internet for a living. I completely understand the urge to grab your phone and start recording the second your favorite 4th of July Fireworks show starts. The fireworks are the best part of 4th of July celebrations, we absolutely love them. But that video you want to take, post, and then digitally hoard on your phone, isn't worth it.

For reference, let's think back to last year. Did you take a video of the fireworks show? If the answer is yes, how many times have you gone back and watched that show on your phone?

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For me, the answer is 0. I took a video a few years ago, and never looked at it again. It just sits in my phone hogging up space. When I went to clean out my digital clutter, that's when I learned my lesson: that fireworks video is useless to me and I don't need to take them anymore.

I get far more out of just enjoying the fireworks with friends and family, putting the phone down, and soaking in the holiday as it happens.

If you must take photos and videos during the explosives show, might I suggest taking them of the reactions of the people you are enjoying them with? Try to capture the wonder in your child's eyes or the laughter and merriment from your significant other. Take a group selfie in the glow of the firework itself. Those photos are the ones you will cherish so much more than a blurry sparkle in the night sky.

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