There was more video released yesterday of a woman and a dog being chased in downtown Minneapolis by people shooting fireworks at her. What is wrong with people!

The video is a compilation of social media videos taken of the incident that happened in Downtown Minneapolis on the 4th of July. The video starts with a vehicle driving around a corner shooting a roman candle out of a sunroof, the video then changes over to showing what looks like the fireworks shooting group turning their attention to a woman and dog who were out for a walk.

The series of videos ends with the woman being lost in the frame trying to get away from the fireworks being shot and thrown at her and the dog she is with.

What a horrible moment not only for the woman and most certainly the dog, but for the neighbors who live in that area! At one point in the video towards the beginning, you see someone shoot a firework at the back of a squad car with its lights on!

Online it was posted that there were only 80 officers on duty the night of this incident, which might explain the lack of police presence, but from some of the videos I've seen, who would want to be a police officer with everything they are dealing with right now?

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