Border security and immigration are two different things.  Congressman Tom Emmer isn't happy with the Biden Administration for allowing Title 42 to expire.  He says not only is the U.S./Mexico southern border lacking security but the northern border from Canada is a concern.  Emmer says illegal immigration is taking place in high numbers at the southern border.  He says that 5.5 million people have entered the country illegally through the southern border since the beginning of the Biden Administration.  He says that number isn't counting the estimated 1.5 million people what he calls "got-a-ways".  Emmer isn't happy with homeland security director Alejandro Mayorkas saying he should be impeached.

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The debt ceiling discussion continues to be a major topic of discussion at our nation's capital.  Congressman Emmer says the Democrats and Biden Administration would like a blank check to continue on their spending spree.  He indicates the spending at this rate can't continue.  Emmer explains the Congressional Budget Office has told Democrats and Republicans details on the debt service in this country.  They informed Congress that the interest on our national debt for the last 80 years was roughly $9 Trillion dollars.  He says if we don't solve the problem right now in the next 10 years it will be at least $10 Trillion dollars.

Congressman Emmer and I also talked about Federal taxes, decisions made at the Minnesota State Legislature, and whether or not we'll see marijuana legalized for recreational use from the Federal Government.  Listen to our conversation below.



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