For the second year in a row, Summit is asking you to name its State Fair beer!

Last year, Summit Brewing in St. Paul invited the public to name its special beer for the Minnesota State Fair. Of the 520 entries that came in, St. Paul native Tucker Combs' "Summit Lazy Sipper" won the contest, earning him the additional privilege of helping brew the beer and being the first to taste it.

Now, Summit is giving you another chance with Craft the Name 2.0.

What to know: the beer planned for this summer's State Fair will be a Helle's-style lager, described as "light" and "refreshing" meant for "hot, sweaty days." Low bitterness, with a sessionable ABV of 4.2% (meaning you can drink several without getting drunk). Drinkers can expect notes of " tangerine, blood orange, and stone fruit characteristics, with a clean, light mouthfeel and a hint of sourdough breadcrust from the barley."

Enter your submission between May 14-20 (American Craft Beer Week) by sending an email to Your submission must include your full name, phone number, address, and your proposed name for the beer. 

Note - Your beer name must be original and not used by another brewery. You can check by searching or Untappd.

A final winner will be picked by the general public after Summit has narrowed down options to a few favorites. More details available here.

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