The forecast for this holiday week is that it's going to be very hot, and very humid.  Time to go and cool off pretty much any way you can!  Even if it's going to the freezer section at the grocery store.

But, instead of that, I recommend going somewhere where you can get wet, have some fun and enjoy what Summers in Minnesota are all about.

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Quarry Park in Waite Park is a great place to go for just that... cool off and have some fun!  Here is the catch... in this time of social distancing, and trying to keep everyone as safe as possible with adding some fun, this can be interesting.  Since COVID-19, and the reopening of some parks, Quarry Park has put some parking restrictions in place.  And if you don't get there early... you may miss out on enjoying the park for that day.

According to their website- this is what you need to know about parking:

So, make sure to plan accordingly.  Even if you have to go right away at 8am when they open and just hang out for a bit until you are ready to swim.  Over the weekend I saw that they were at capacity by 10am each morning.  So, just plan ahead.

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