The man who's death sparked a revolution has now received his own star on First Ave in Minneapolis.

Recently a red star appeared on the side of the music venue with "George Floyd" written in it. The only other star on the building that isn't silver is Prince's gold star.

First Ave's most recent all-around paint job happened in 2010, painting over old art and refreshing the stars with favorites from the past, present, and blank stars for the future.

George Floyd's star sits among the likes of Motorhead, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Joe Cocker, and The Cure.

KSTP reported that Floyd did at one point have a music career:

Floyd became a rapper in the 1990s when he lived in Houston. He performed under the name Big Floyd alongside members of the Screwed Up Click and legendary hip-hop producer DJ Screw.

It is still unclear as to if the venue or someone else painted the star on the door, considering it is a different color and the venue has yet to post on it on their social media, or on their online guide list of the stars.

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