SAUK RAPIDS -- A cosmetologist at a Sauk Rapids salon is reaching her goals by giving the public a tool to help prevent skin cancer.

Hair and Body Works Salon and Spa installed a sunscreen dispenser outside of their front door. The sunscreen is free to use and available for anyone.


Haley Wittman spearheaded the campaign to get the dispenser through IMPACT Melanoma, an organization that works to bring awareness to melanoma, a common form of skin cancer.

Wittman says after the salon was a part of an IMPACT Melanoma awareness month in May, she decided she wanted to raise funds to get a dispenser.

"It's $200 just for the dispenser itself and then it's about $50 a year to keep it up. Just for getting the sunscreen back in it and maintenance. It's pretty simple and it's very effective."

All of the money raised for the dispenser came from Hair and Body Works Salon and Spa's clients. Wittman says her own personal experiences also inspired her to get the dispenser.

"I've always kind of been on the sunscreen kick. I have a lot of skin cancer in my family, my grandma had it, my mom had it and I actually had some removed, a little bit last year. It's a big mission of mine that all of my clients have sunscreen, especially with facials. A lot of people can't afford the good products that we have and this is really nice for the public, just to come and use and always have on hand if they can't afford to get it or forget it somewhere."

The dispenser will be available throughout the season, equipped with Coppertone SPF 30 sunscreen. Wittman says she hopes to be able to work with the city next year on installing more throughout the downtown Sauk Rapids area.

Hair and Body Works Salon and Spa moved to their downtown location in March.

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