I am a cheese lover, to say the least. I think if someone told me tomorrow I couldn't  have cheese again in my life, I would cry and go into a deep depression. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but I would truly miss it.

A shout out to Poland for this discovery, Professor Maciej Banach of the University of Łódź. For Banach and his team of researchers they just completed a thrilling meta-analysis of 29 cohort studies that confirm that cheese can help you NOT die.

The scientists: ‘cheese and yogurt were found to protect against both total mortality,death from any cause and mortality from cerebrovascular causes.

Cheese is the shield that can protect us against the sticks and stones of our so called life, including stroke and heart attack, according to the European Society of Cardiology.

Studying over 20,000 adults over 11 years, consumption of cheese was associated with an 8% lower total mortality risk. Not bad, cheese, not bad at all.

I this study made my day. Not only is cheese a great source of protein but now we learned it could even save your life.

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