My wife got the looks AND the crafting talent in our family. She's the more mechanically-inclined one of the two of us. And she’s also very creative.

In fact, she is a crafter from way back. She creates beautiful wreaths and bows, car air fresheners and other household décor that she sells at craft sales.



When we started looking at moving to St. Cloud, one of the first things she did was look for craft stores in the region. And she was pleasantly surprised at all the offerings in the area. I really believe THAT is what pushed her over the edge to make our move from North Carolina to Minnesota.

So she's super excited for her first St. Cloud area craft sale -- and it happens this Saturday in Foley. The First Annual Vanida’s Creations Craft and Food Event is from 10-3 at 8276 Golden Spike Rd. NE in Foley.



Saturday's event will feature a bunch of talented people putting their work on display for sale. Christmas will be here before long and supporting local crafters is a great way to give a gift that just means more. Plus, you’re supporting your neighbors who are either basing their livelihoods on their talent or supplementing their incomes.

Trust me, as the husband of a crafter, the time spent working on each project is extensive. My wife wants every piece to be just right so the person who uses it will get as much joy from it as she got from creating it. And knowing that your money is going to someone who cares as much as local crafters do makes it that much more special.



All that shopping makes me hungry. In addition to talented crafters, this event will also feature talented local cooks showing off their tasty creations. You’ll likely even be able to pick up a new recipe or technique to help you in the kitchen as well.



If you want to find out more about getting involved in Saturday's craft sale, email Vanida Scott at


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