There’s one thing I’ve learned about Minnesotans since moving here last year, residents here love their state, and most of them love animals.  

Which makes helping those who take care of animals high on the list of people we support. Green Acres Animal Rescue is of the many organizations that are trying to help animals find homes and love.  

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Green Acres is a Non-Profit Organization that provides a safe environment for cats and dogs that are abandoned, elderly, homeless, or neglected.  

They help find homes for animals or find foster families to host pets until a permanent home can be found. And like most non-profit organizations Green Acres Animal Rescue is always looking for volunteers who want to lend a helping hand.  

To be able to take care of the animals with the loving care they do, that takes money. And the folks at Green Acres Animal Rescue are offering you an opportunity to contribute to their efforts and enjoy yourself in the process. 

On Thursday July 18th, Green Acres Animal Rescue will be holding their Charity Dinner Gala at Rivers Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud. The event will run from 5:30-9:30. 

Make sure you wear your dancing shoes, after you enjoy a delicious dinner, the mobile DJ will be providing the tunes to get you moving. While you’re catching your breath, check out all the silent auction items that are available for you to bid on. 

The proceeds go support the work that is done by Green Acres Animal Rescue, like veterinarian fees, and emergency funds so when the need arises, the pet can get the care they need. 

There will be a cash bar as well. Tickets are $50 a piece or you can reserve a table for 8 for $350. There are also sponsorships available if you manage or own a business that you might want to look into as well.  

Supporting causes like these is a great way to support the community where we live and those who are trying to help animals who can’t help themselves.  


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