There used to be a time when you just knew the extra point was a given unless it was blocked. Now, you just expect it will be missed. That's if you're a Viking's fan!

Back in the late 90's and 2000's, we were solid. It was exciting as we were almost always guaranteed a playoff spot, and the amazing leg of Gary Anderson usually saved the day. Then came Blair Walsh who could do no wrong, and even had better stats than Anderson.

It's almost as if the Vikings had some voodoo curse put on them a couple years ago, making Walsh completely unreliable. They dropped him like a bad habit and decided it was time for a fresh leg to get those dear points that are needed to win football games.

Now we have Kai Forbath, a veteran kicker who's generally reliable and thought to be a good solution for getting extra points reliably. Yesterday's game had another extra point miss that seemed to go right along with everything else that was wrong with the overall game.

Fantasy football teams are cringing and likely putting Forbath on the bench. Vikings football boards are completely messed up with any number combination being equal, where normally having 7's, 4's, and 1's were prime.

Please, please...whatever needs to be done to get over this issue, it needs to be done. Extra points shouldn't be missed, period. It might be time to get a hypnotist in the locker room to put this issue to sleep and reset. I know us fans would appreciate it!

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