Across the state of Minnesota, Hunters are preparing their spots in the woods to wait for that trophy buck come November. Some will be surprised to see their stand gone.

Portable deer stands come in many types these days, and they aren't cheap. Some hunters travel hours to go to their location a few weeks before the deer hunting opener to setup their weekend hunting spot. It's a big undertaking to get ready for.

GoMN just reported that a couple was recently recorded on a deer cam, stealing deer stands near Duluth, Minnesota. They go on to say that it's just one of many incidents that have been reported in Minnesota.

It's actually becoming a common occurrence around the country! They aren't difficult to steal, especially when they aren't setup very deep into the woods. Some of the thieves are stealing them for their value, some are anti-hunting activists, others are generally hunters who aren't happy about where your stand is located.

It's suggested you clearly mark your deer stand in a location that's not easily noticed by the thieves, and also to chain/padlock your stand to the tree. Putting your stand deep into the woods will also make it less noticeable to thieves.

The Minnesota deer hunting firearms season starts on November 4th. For information on this year's hunting rules and regulations, visit the MN DNR website.


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