You read that's illegal to warm up your car in Minnesota if you don't have a remote start. So, if you're looking for a great holiday gift idea for that Minnesotan in your life, a remote start might be it.

When it's super cold outside you should let your engine warm-up for a few minutes before you just drive off. It's good for your car. But, you've got to be in your car while that happens.

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It's illegal to leave your car idling while unattended. That means, your keys can't be in the ignition when you're not in the car.

On the surface, it might seem like a lame law. However, it's really in place to prevent vehicle theft. If you're grabbing a coffee quick and you leave the keys in the ignition, it's like inviting a criminal to take your vehicle. That theft could have been prevented.

The way to get around this law to make sure you've got a warm vehicle without freezing your buns off is to get a remote start put in your car. That way, your keys aren't in the ignition while the vehicle is idling and you won't have to suffer on your two-minute drive to work.

It's a running joke in Minnesota that if you don't warm up your car before you start heading to your destination, it won't be warm-up until you get where you're going.


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