For years, that jerkface denied beating his now-ex-girlfriend. Deny, deny, deny. Then video of the crime came out, and now he's apologizing and going to 'therapy'. It's a tired celebrity-doing-bad-things-and-getting-caught trope, and it's time to simply not forgive. Ever.

I'm not usually one for 'cancelling' people, but - to me - this is a case where getting 'cancelled' should be the very least of his worries.

After Denying That He Beat His Girlfriend, Diddy Is Now Apologizing For Beating His Girlfriend

Which is absolute bull$#!t: he's apologizing for getting caught. If he was apologizing for beating his girlfriend, he wouldn't have first denying he ever did it until irrefutable evidence came out.

If you must watch the video, you can click on this link. TRIGGER WARNING: domestic violence.

And now Diddy's in 'therapy'. That's always the default celebrity response to getting caught doing something the rest of us would immediately get thrown into jail/prison for. It usually goes like this:

  1. Be a jerkface but deny it
  2. Get caught being a jerkface
  3. Go to some kind of 'rehab' or 'therapy', usually suddenly 'finding God' while you're there
  4. Apologize for being a jerkface
  5. Resume being a jerkface

Celebrity worship - from my viewpoint - is finally waning a bit. Even a bit is better than before. For as much as we'd like to think that they're 'just like us', they're not. They can afford the luxury of a separate judicial system that allows them to trade jail/prison time for 'community service' and 'rehab'.

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