So, Minnesota just passed the law regarding hands-free usage.  This will go into effect August first of this year.  Apparently, you can get your vehicle outfitted with hands-free devices for a fairly minimal cost if your vehicle does not come equipped already.  Newer cars generally have it standard, but if you have an older model vehicle, you may want to look into getting it put together sometime this Summer.  Especially if you spend a lot of time on the phone while driving.  One touch is ok- in other words, if you want to hang up or call someone, that is ok.  But no scrolling through names in your contacts or texting (obviously) or typing in an address for the GPS. You would need to pull over to do that part.

This brings me to this lady.


A friend of mine found this woman while he was a passenger in a vehicle and took the picture.  This woman is driving down a main highway while eating a bowl of something.  This is distracted driving.  Now she might think that she has her eyes on the road (which she does) and that is all that matters. But what happens if she suddenly needs to steer away from something on the road?  Or if she suddenly needs to change lanes, stop or whatever else unexpected thing happens while driving.  It isn't like she is just sitting still.  This is 60 mph down a main highway.

This is the problem we are all facing...