From one loving dog parent to another, I know how badly you want to include your fur baby in the holiday festivities. You bought them the special outfit for family pictures, or even a special bandana to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. And I am all for that, but I also want you and your pet to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving season, and not end up at the vet on Black Friday.

Things your dog can try a taste of include:

  • turkey (cooked plain)
  • potatoes (cooked plain)
  • sweet potatoes (cooked plain)
  • peas (cooked plain)
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Some foods are safe to give a taste to your dog, but others can lead to upset tummies and vet bills. Coming from a lady who owns a dog who once got sick from just licking a french fry, I know too much about dogs and their sensitive stomachs.

Check out this list below and make sure you are taking good care of your pets this holiday season. Also, if you are interested in making your dog a special treat they definitely can enjoy, check out this dog treat-specific cookbook by a Minnesota author.

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