When I was a child I was absolutely enamored by movies. Among them: Star Wars, The Lion King, and Toy Story. But there’s one film upon reflection that I find was particularly strange. The film in question is The Wizard Of Oz. I used to love this movie. I would watch it multiple times a day for months at a time.

The plot, landscapes, and characters were so intriguing, and even as an adult, I regard it as one of the most original motion pictures I’ve ever seen. It might come across as a children’s movie, but there are some seriously weird and creepy elements about Oz, which is part of why I still love it.

My point being, there’s something in this story for everyone, whether you’re five years old or thirty. Now this interesting, classic tale has been adapted into a musical. You can see “Wiz” being performed at the Penumbra Theatre in St. Paul from now until March 18th. Ticket prices range from $15 to $70 and are on sale now.

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