Dads can be protective of their daughters, making it clear that the boys know the rules. This South Haven dad did what many would like to do. One problem, it's illegal.

Songs have been written, and movies had had scenes about the topic -- where the dad of the daughter threatens the boy with a gun if he doesn't respect his rules that have been set. Nobody would ever do that in real life though, right?

According to a report by WJON, it happened recently, right here in central Minnesota, and now that dad is in jail. 43-year-old Samuel Smith is in legal trouble after threatening two teen boys with a gun, who were parked in a car at his home. The boys were in the car with the window rolled down, and talking to Smith's daughter who was standing outside the vehicle.

Smith tapped on the car window with a handgun and told the teens to get out of the car and lay on the ground. He shot into the air while pushing one of the boys to the ground. Then he continued to threaten to kill them if they ever showed up again, while pointing the gun at them.

Smith lied to the police when questioned about the incident, saying he never involved a gun and claimed he only had 1 gun in the house. After searching the home, police found multiple firearms and ammunition. Smith is now being charged with multiple felonies.

I can't imagine the fear these poor teens had to endure during this incident. I'm sure each of the boy's parents are also livid about it and can't wait to get their piece of Samuel Smith. It's also likely that the daughter will have a hard time ever being trusted by friends, or let alone a boy, to come over to her house.

If you're a "Dad" to a daughter and want to put a little fear into the boy that wants to hang out with her, you may want to leave the "gun" part of it out of there entirely now...this South Haven guy ruined it for everybody else. Better yet, take a look at this article from if you're getting into those teenage dating years with your daughter.

For those who aren't fathers of a daughter, this dad puts it into perspective:

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