If you're a fan of the Vikings and planning to go to the NFC championship game in Philadelphia on Sunday, you are being warned to leave your purple hidden. The fans of the Eagles apparently don't take well to fans outside of their team and are known for being violent -- according to the experts.

Fox 9 recently aired a segment about deals that Sun Country was offering to fly fans to the Philadelphia game and back on the same day, which also includes a tour of the city. The travel experts wanted to make it very clear that in and around Lincoln Financial Field, where the Vikings/Eagles game will take place, it would be highly suggested that Minnesota fans put away their purple gear, especially if the Vikings win the game.

Apparently Philly fans are known to get overly intoxicated and violent to those who aren't wearing their colors, much like a gang!

I'm sorry to tell you this, but get used to it Philadelphia. You have a stadium that invites outside teams AND their fans to enjoy a football game there. Just because you apparently can't handle your liquor and have to over-compensate for where you may be lacking elsewhere...doesn't mean we're scared and will "leave our purple at home". You can guarantee that we'll be there in large numbers to cheer on our Vikings. Another thing you can expect is that we'll 'cheers' you with a beer, joke around with you, and show you that we truly can be "Minnesota nice" no matter what the outcome of the game is -- while wearing our purple and gold.

Oh, and yes, the Vikings are going to win this game on the road. We've got a Super Bowl to host at home in a couple weeks. Knowing we're just 60 minutes away from lacing up our cleats to be in that game, there's nothing that's going to stand in our way.


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