A video of the after-effects of an Eagles' fan punching an innocent Vikings' fan has quickly become viral, and shows how the experience was for those cheering for the Vikings. This Minnesota fan saw it happen right in front of her and explains how the police held the man who was punched, yet gave a friendly escort to the guy who punched him.

This wasn't the only incident between fans of the 2 teams, but shows how welcoming fans of the Eagles were to guests coming to Philadelphia to watch the NFC championship game.

What these fans failed to forget is that they're coming to our house in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl in 2-weeks, on February 4th, and we may not be so "Minnesota nice" in return.

With the price of a ticket to the Super Bowl being $2,000 and up, and fans of many teams, it's likely to be very safe inside U.S. Bank stadium for Eagles' fans. Outside the stadium though, you can bet there will be Vikings' fans on the lookout for green-geared fans in retaliation for the treatment received in Philadelphia.

We certainly are NOT suggesting Minnesotans show this retaliation by any means, but merely stating the obvious of what is very possible in downtown Minneapolis.

Keep in mind that many of those violent Eagles' fans won't be coming to Minnesota, and those that are here are likely "true" fans of the sport, and not of the type that even "real" Eagles' fans are ashamed of.

If you're planning to attend the festivities happening the week of the Super Bowl in downtown Minneapolis, keep in mind that the city will have all hands on deck with police presence, and won't tolerate any violence from any football fans. We're a Super Bowl host city that weekend, and we'd like to be considered to host again in the future. Let's show how friendly and inviting Minnesota is!

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