Don’t get me wrong I love cuddling up in bed and watching a flick with my family. But, a Double bed at a movie theatre? It just sounds like an expensive nap to me. I would struggle at staying awake for that movie that's for sure.

A theater chain in Switzerland is changing the way people see movies in theatres at Cinémas Pathé, opened a brand-new location in Spreitenbach, Aargau recently that includes a theatre full of beds.

Pathe Schweiz Via Facebook
Pathe Schweiz Via Facebook

They happen to be double beds, soft pillow like headboards and a bedside tables. The “VIP Bed” auditorium holds only 11 beds on its four levels, and enough room for 22 luxuriating viewers. Pillows and blankets are included. I would totally bring my own blanket and pillow.


“The hygiene aspect is very important,” Venanzio Di Bacco, Pathé Switzerland’s CEO, told local news website 20 minutes.



They’ll be changing the bed sheets after every screening. Whew! That was my fear is laying on a pillow someone else just drooled all over. That would be so gross.
Tickets for the “VIP Bed” theater run about 50 dollars per person. It’s expensive, but it does include unlimited soft drinks and snacks (like popcorn, ice cream, nachos and M&Ms). Nice part is you can show up 30 minutes early to take advantage of the snacks and drinks prior to the movie.
If the whole bed idea doesn’t appeal to you they also offer single-size sofas and loveseats. Attention love birds - If you are looking for some privacy try out the “VIP IMAX” tickets get you special “cocoon” balcony seating.
There is not a single theatre in the U.S. that offers beds as an option yet… Who knows what the future will bring.

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