ST. CLOUD -- Shoppers in the St. Cloud area are likely experiencing a bit of sticker shock when it comes to eggs.

Coborn's and Cash Wise stores in the St. Cloud metro were selling a dozen large eggs for $2.99 on Monday. Area Kwik Trip stores report lower prices, with a dozen eggs averaging $1.99.

Kevin Stiles, Executive Director of the Minnesota Chicken and Egg Association, based out of Buffalo, says the prices of eggs relate to supply and demand; more families are cooking and baking at home. This has prompted many Minnesota grocery stores to order up to four times their usual volume of eggs, placing added pressure on local producers.

"When people are home, and they're dealing with anxiety, they tend to want to eat comfort foods," Stiles said. "They want to cook and eat foods that put them at ease. Eggs and breakfast are a big part of that."

Stiles reminds shopper that, while prices might be higher than usual, eggs remain a practical and cost-effective purchase.

"It's really just pennies-per serving," he said. "Eggs are offering probably the highest quality source of affordable protein than anything else they can buy."

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