There's a craze with coffee happening right now and it sounds down right disgusting. It isn't just creamer or sugar anymore.

Before you get too bent out of shape with how bad butter is for you, there are some butters that aren't terrible for you, but likely not the type you normally cook with. It's grass-fed, unsalted butter.

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This type of butter apparently regulates your cholesterol, and has the best ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, which in turn attributes to weight loss. There's a full story on it here.

People are putting it in their coffee and talking about how good it tastes, and totally opposite of what you'd think it would taste like.

There's also the "eggshells in coffee" craze happening.


There's a coffee stand at the Minnesota State Fair that sells coffee with eggshells in it, and people line up for this each day. It's at the Salem Lutheran Church’s fairground dining hall, and it's called "Swedish Egg Coffee".

Apparently the egg shells take out the acidity of the coffee and give it a more mellow flavor, according to

Simply remove the egg white/yolk from the egg, then crush the shell into your coffee grounds before brewing a pot of coffee. I might have to try this!

If you've tried any of these odd additions to your coffee, be sure and comment below!

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