New Brighton's Bartz Brothers know a thing or two about giant snow sculptures. After all, 2024 will be the trio's tenth year constructing a giant animal of snow for the public to enjoy.

In years past, the brothers have created a puffer fish, walrus, shark, turtle, octopus, fish, lobster, snail and, last year, a huge toothy whale!

Austin, Trevor and Connor Bartz are responsible for these amazing creations along with their friends Seth Hanson and Caleb Kroeze. The whale above took 'approximately 800 hours' to construct while measuring 22 feet tall by 63 feet long.

To make the snow packable, the group heats up their garage to a balmy 90 degrees before dumping snow into garage, which has been modified to hold heat.

Donations are accepted at the event, with proceeds going toward clean water initiatives. Last year's project donations went toward providing clean water in Uganda and Niger through the One Day's Wages organization.

The group hopes to open their latest creation for public viewing on January 1st, if weather permits.

A link to donate can be found HERE, the brothers'  Instagram page HERE, and this year's event page HERE.

WE ARE BACK! Come check out our 2024 sculpture! More Details to come.
We plan to open January 1, weather depending, so please check back & save this event! (we plan to be open until January 31)
There will be food trucks, other vendors, & events hosted by the city as well! (Fridays, Saturday 's & Sunday's only) Thanks to New Brighton for the great location! All of this together will be called Brave the BRRR!
We are raising money for clean water in a country to be determined by our followers.


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