We're giving away Dream Getaway #32 right now and it's got many central Minnesotans thinking about where they'd take a vacation to. Have you thought about taking a bunch of vacations?

When you think of a dream vacation, it's probably more along the lines of spending a week on a tropical beach or visiting places overseas...anywhere but within the United States.

Although it may be difficult to take just a couple days off work to go to Italy, many people are starting to break up their vacations in to multiple getaways throughout the year and not traveling too far out of the country.

This seems to be a new trend with newlyweds as well, and calling them "many-moons" instead of "honeymoons"! You take a bunch of shorter trips together instead of one long trip to celebrate your wedding. It's a lot easier for them to get their jobs to give them a few scattered days off...and to plan their trips around long holiday weekends rather than missing two straight weeks.

This is exactly what me and my family love to do. There are so many cool places in North America that we'd love to visit over a few days, and being away from home for more than 4 days starts to get us homesick. We'll leave on a Thursday and take Friday and Monday off so it FEELS like we had a 5-day vacation. Of course, if there's ever a day that we get the opportunity to visit a place like Italy, we'll add a couple days in there...but still, never blowing a full 2-weeks vacation.

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