This story melts my heart. I have two very close friends that are like sisters to me, that were a adopted. I think about how amazing their parents were that adopted them as babies. And just how lucky they were to be adopted into such a loving home. I actually have a lot of respect for people who know they are not capable of caring for children and offering them a good life and put them up for adoption.

I ran across this story about a woman in Philly that had adopted a group of biological siblings in order to keep all of them together.Her name is  Bobbie Floyd and she officially adopted four biological siblings last week and plans to adopt the remaining two, for a total of six siblings.

"I realized they were going to separate them and my whole things keeping the kids together because I know how hard it is to keep siblings together. Never realizing there was six. It just so happened I found siblings with 6 of them. I kept them all together.," Floyd told FOX 29.


Floyd's husband died back in 2014 and a few years later she began fostering three of the siblings. She later decided to take on a more permanent role with adoption.Two of the children are not officially adopted yet but they are expected to join the family soon.

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