The snow is flying in Central Minnesota on Tuesday and with it comes an opportunity to be a great neighbor. Here are a few ideas to earn some brownie points in the neighborhood.

1. Shovel/Snowblow The Driveway of an Absent Neighbor

At the beginning of December my wife and I welcomed a new baby into the family, which meant a three-day stay at the St. Cloud Hospital during a snowstorm. I ventured out the morning before we were discharged thinking I would have to shovel the driveway before we could get the car in, but our awesome neighbor had already been by with their snowblower!

2. Stop To Help People Shovel Out/Push Their Cars Out Of Drifts

When I lived in Minneapolis and everyone had to park on the street, there was an unwritten agreement that everyone with a shovel would come out and help everyone to move their cars during a snow emergency. It made the work go a lot faster and helped us get to know our neighbors at the same time!

3. Help The Neighborhood Build Its Own Snow Hill

We have a guy that plows all the snow out of the cul-de-sac behind our house into a giant hill in a vacant lot near our backyard for kids to sled on. Its nice to have that within eyeshot!

4. Help Out With The Sidewalks/Neighborhood Walking Paths

Every neighborhood has one or two people that either skip shoveling the sidewalk entirely or do the bare minimum so they, like Marshawn Lynch, won't get fined. Instead of losing your mind over it (like I so often do), be a part of the solution and take care of it! Dogs and kids on their way to school will appreciate you!

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