If you have ever been to Chicago, and you are a pizza lover, you have probably either been to or heard of Gino's Pizza.  SO good.  Authentic Chicago pizza.  When I take a trip there it's a "must stop".  And I'm not even a huge pizza lover, it's just something that you have to do.  It's located just off Michigan Avenue...perfect location.

Gino's Logo

I just discovered this wonderful tool.  It's not exactly cheap... but it could tide you over until you head back to Chicago again.  Gino's Pizza in the mail.  Seriously.  When I say it's not cheap.. but it's also not going to break the bank.  But it's definitely more expensive than just ordering a pizza for delivery like normal.  BUT is it worth it?  Maybe once a year, or for a special occasion, I think it is.  Score!!

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