The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and a few guests overstay their welcome, Ryan Reynolds breaks out his Get the F@*! Out of My House-scented candle. It clears them out instantly. I literally, snorted, I laughed so loud. I love the part where the guy in the skit says "we got no place to go". And everyone starts laughing. This skit may have you thinking twice about hosting this holiday season.

It’s hilarious because it's so gosh darn relatable. The times you just want to go to bed and want people to leave but you don’t know how to do it without feeling rude about it. I love how Ryan Reynolds tries dropping some subtle hints and the guests are just ignoring him.


Check it out:

With Christmas upon us, this may have you feeling thankful of your guest situation or laugh because this is how Christmas unfolds at your home. Either way it's hard not to enjoy.

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