Back in January, Minnesota made WalletHub's list of Best States to Retire.

It should come as no surprise, then, that -- having dug a little closer and determined the best cities to retire -- Minnesota once again represented on the list.

Out of 182 total cities, Minneapolis ranked 9th best city to retire, and St. Paul ranked 71st.

You might wonder how two neighboring cities -- literally known as the "Twin Cities" -- could land so far apart on the same list. WalletHub looked at four key dimensions to determine their rankings: 1) Affordability, 2) Activities, 3) Quality of Life and 4) Health Care. Each dimension was further broken down into a total of 46 different relevant metrics which you can see for yourself here.

In essence, though, Minneapolis scored higher in all four key dimensions than St. Paul with the exception of Affordability. See for yourself:

City                 Total Score   Affordability   Activities   Quality of Life   Health Care
Minneapolis        56.46              145                    3                   58                     5
St. Paul               49.36              144                   29                  90                    13

The Top 5 Best Cities to retire as determined by WalletHub are:

1. Orlando, FL
2. Tampa, FL
3. Scottsdale, AZ
4. Charleston, SC
5. Miami, FL

Neighboring Midwest cities to also make the list include Fargo, ND (79), Sioux Falls, SD (13), Des Moines, IA (104), Cedar Rapids, IA (89), Madison, WI (27) and Milwaukee, WI (85).

Check out the full list of WalletHub's rankings here.