There is nothing worse then having your fury four legged friend go missing.  It's a terrible feeling and there has never really been a good way to get the word out to find out if anyone has seen them.

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Sure there is social media or the Neighborhood App.  Those are all great tools to find your pup or cat or whatever pet you have.  But now the city of Minnetonka has taken it a step further with a great way to find your pets.

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash
Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

They've unveiled a new website for both missing and found pets.  Whether you're a pet owner or not you'll want to bookmark this sight if you live in or near Minnetonka, MN.  That way, whether you're the one that's lost their pet, or if you find a pet, you have a quick resource to help.


Hopefully this is an idea that grows to all cities.  It's actually hard to believe that this is hasn't already been adopted by all cities.  It's such a simple thing to build the webpage.  Once it's built it's pretty self-sufficient.  Plus, it's such a great way to get the word out quickly.

When you go to the website you'll see this:

Select from the list below to see the animals that have been reported lost or found to the Minnetonka Police Department. You can also explore the map by selecting the colored dots.

The website also says that the list is maintained for a minimum of five days.


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