When did Minnesota get all hoity-toity and start turning into snobs? The answer is - it’s been happening for a while and we really should not be surprised. When it comes to the Upper Midwest region, Minnesota has been more into things like theater and the arts, museums, and craft beers than our neighboring states have been. Our 'Minnesota Nice' does come with a tad of smugness.

Maybe we look at our neighbors and think “you’re too backwoods for me.” And then we go out and show that we are a little more high society than they are and do things that continue to separate ourselves from those Hatfield and McCoy people next door.

The latest thing to show this might be true is what our "dream car" is. Partcatalog.com did what’s called “geotagging” Twitter (it involves all this metadata stuff that you can learn more about it here). Over the last three months, they looked at mentions of the word “dream car” and #dreamcar and what kind of cars were associated with those terms for each state.

The results show that the Ford F-150 was tops for Wisconsin and South Dakota, North Dakota’s was the Range Rover and Iowans would love a Ford Mustang — Minnesota’s most mentioned “dream car” was — the Tesla Model 3. Quite a bit different from those others.

Credit: partcatalog.com
Credit: partcatalog.com

Tesla was the number one car in the U.S. Here's the full list:

  • Tesla Model 3 - 10 states
  • Ford F-150 - 8 states
  • Range Rover - 8 states
  • Tesla Model S - 7 states
  • Jeep Wrangler - 6 states
  • Ford Mustang - 5 states
  • Chevy Corvette - 2 states
  • Chevy Camaro - 2 states
  • Chevy Silverado - 1 state
  • Dodge Challenger - 1 state

I'll admit that I am more snobbish than I was back in the day. When it comes to certain things, my tastes have changed. I like craft beers instead of those "regular beers" I drank in my 20's such as Bud, Miller, Mich, etc. Now, I usually decline if offered one. Does that make me a snob? Maybe, but that's okay. Being a bit of a snob and having taste isn't a bad thing, just try not to be an a-hole about it.

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