I've lived in Central Minnesota for just over twelve years and, not only that, I bet I drove through the area to get up north at least a thousand times before I moved here. Every time I traveled up Highway 10, I would see Treasure City, want to stop, but then for some reason decide against it.

This weekend we took a family trip up to Akeley, which meant once again passing by Treasure City on the way up north. However, there was a variable involved this time that changed the course of my travel history: a curious five-year-old.

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Like any five year old, my son is into pirates and swords and all that goes with it. Naturally, when he saw the giant pirate portrait on the side of the road he asked if we could pleeease, pleeeeeeease, pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease stop there, even if 'just for a minute.' We decided to stop on our way back.

Well folks we actually did it. We exited traffic and parked our car in the dirt lot adjacent to Treasure City and trekked inside.

Outside the store are a couple of photo ops with a stockade, a classic wood cutout for faces to poke through and the giant pirate all available for photos. There was even a '200 lb man-eating clam' for whatever reason outside.


As far as the contents of the store, well, there was truly a little bit of everything. From Beanie Babies to samurai swords, airsoft guns to cribbage boards... literally everything.


I took some pictures of the inside of the store but decided against posting them. What fun would it be to spoil someone's first trip inside of Treasure City? It's a place you have to see for yourself!

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