Again, the controversy over a mask.  There have been several stores that have already required or have strongly requested customers to wear a mask while shopping in their stores.  Starbucks made it a requirement last week if you are going INTO the store to order your coffee. You can still go through the drive-thru without one if you'd prefer.

Now, Best Buy has gotten on board with the mask requirement.  Starting today (Wednesday) customers will be required to wear a mask if you are planning to shop inside the store.

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At least they aren't charging you for a mask if you don't already have one on hand.  So there's that.  And get ready for Wal Mart to put a mask mandate into place soon as well. That one isn't official...yet.  But here's what the CEO had to say according to

I have a feeling that even if Governor Walz doesn't make a statewide mandate for masks, retailers will soon begin to require them for their customers.  Most retailers are already requiring them for their employees.

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