Anyone who knows anything about Minnesota knows that the state is known for the over eleven-thousand lakes and for the often-extreme cold that occurs here during the winter. 

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This past winter was mild by comparison, with only about ten days or so that stayed consistently in the negative temperatures. So, firewood is a popular choice for nothing else, as a back-up form of having heat. 

Even in my native North Carolina, fireplaces, and wood stoves are popular forms of staying warm. And honestly, keeping the power bill down. 

When I was a kid, for several years we had a large wood stove that sat in our living room. Of course, that meant that somebody had to split the wood, and as a kid I spent more than a few afternoons with an axe in my hand.  

I used to hate splitting wood, and would say to myself, there’s got to be an easier way.  

Sure enough there is, log splitters.  

If you or someone you know has a log splitter, it could be one of those that has been placed under a recall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website says that Oregon Tool log splitters are being recalled because of a malfunction that could lead to an injury.  

The website says that log splitters hydraulic cylinder rod can separate from the piston which will prevent the wedge from retracting. When the user tries to re-connect the rod to the piston, the rod and wedge can move on its own which creates the possibility of serious injury. 

If you own one of these wood splitters that malfunctions like this, do not try to repair it yourself. Contact Oregon Tool directly or your local dealer for instructions on how to get the splitter repaired.  

Contact the company at this website; . 

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