For some central Minnesotans, Valentines Day is a waste of a holiday that's just made to increase sales of flowers, chocolate and greeting cards. Here's the stats of how most of us feel about this holiday of love.

Obviously for those who are single, Valentine's Day doesn't do much for them. You'll be surprised though, how many "couples" actually don't care much for it either! If you ask my wife and I, we'll straight out tell you that we don't do anything special on Valentine's Day. We do romantic things for each other daily, so this holiday means very little to us. We'd rather put that extra special occasion into play with our anniversary or our birthdays.

Apparently we're not that different from other central Minnesotans! A recent survey found that a small percentage of people actually LIKE Valentine's Day enough to say it's their favorite holiday.

  • Only 13% of people consider it their favorite holiday.
  • 6% say they "hate" it.
  • 5% say it's the most depressing day of the year.
  • 23% of single women and 7% of single men say spending tomorrow with their dog or cat is perfect for them, instead of with another person.
  • 23% of single people are planning to treat themselves to a nice dinner.
  • 21% will watch romantic comedies.
  • 18% will buy themselves a gift.

There's always those who are going to try to get down and dirty, using Valentine's Day as a perfect opportunity to hook up with somebody on Tinder -- 3% will do that.

I feel bad for those who aren't a fan of it and end up in a relationship with someone who loves the holiday. There's nothing worse than having to put effort into a romantic holiday you don't believe in!

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