It's actually easier than you think to get great sleep. Here in Minnesota, it's a perfect time of the year as well. Here's 10 easy things you can do to improve your sleep quality.

This time of the year we're more sleepy in Minnesota, so naturally we're going to get better sleep. It's the change of the season and there's sun sunlight in the day. There's also cooler temperatures, which make us want to wrap up in a blanket...and we get sleepy!

Here's the 10 things you can do to make your sleep as perfect as it can be, according to DailyMail.

  1. Clean your bedroom. You sleep better when you feel better about where you're sleeping.
  2. Open your windows and keep the temp at 61 degrees. That's pretty cold to me, but most people say it's the temp that makes them sleep the best.
  3. Change your sheets. I know I love the smell and feel of fresh new sheets.
  4. Don't sleep naked. I hate pajamas, but if it's 61 degrees then I'll reconsider it.
  5. Make the room completely dark. Light can bug your eyes and disrupt sleep. That means falling asleep to the TV on as well.
  6. Put your phone down 37 minutes before. I guess that's the magic number! It lets your brain wiring settle down from the digital screen that drives it crazy.
  7. Go to bed at 10:39pm. Now I get up really early, so that's not happening. I think they assume you get up at 7am.
  8. Read a book for a short time. Not a digital book, an actual paper book. Digital reading tricks your mind into thinking it's day time and makes it harder to sleep.
  9. Sleep on your right side. Less pressure on your heart I guess. You're also supposed to tuck your legs in close to your body.
  10. Don't spoon your bed mate. It's interrupting. Actually, having anyone else in bed is bad for sleep. They suggest sleeping in separate beds!

Take this info for what it's worth. I can handle trying 75% of these to try to sleep better. For those who snore, well, you naturally are going to have a harder time no matter what you do. Otherwise, try some of these things tonight and see how you feel tomorrow morning!

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