Noticed that you feel like sleeping more and just settling inside the house with little energy? It's not just you, there's an reason for this happening in Minnesota right now.

WCCO TV asked their "Good Question" about this exact thing, and the reason is the change of the season, from summer to winter.

Both my wife and I have noticed we're overall feeling frumpy and tired suddenly, sleeping much more than we have all summer. Being concerned that there was something wrong with us, we searched for the answer and found this article that was published a couple years ago around this time, and thought we'd share it with you.

Basically there's less sunlight, and the sun rise is getting later in the morning. Our bodies are wired to a routine through a part of our eyes that sends signals to the brain about waking up. With our morning routine staying the same, but the sun routine changing with the season, our bodies haven't quite adapted yet. We're naturally feeling less rested and tired.

There's also the change in temperature, which naturally makes us not want to spend time outside as much as in the warmer months. So we stay inside more and get less exercise.

The experts suggest you try to sleep later to go along with the sun rise change, and that will help your entire day. Otherwise invest in a light box, which helps your eyes send those signals to your brain, tricking it to adjust to the change in sunlight around this time of year and through the winter.

It's either that, or move to a state that has a better balance of sunlight and stays warmer throughout the year. Given that Minnesota is so awesome in many other ways, I'll deal with it for a few more months.

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