Former University of Minnesota head football coach, Tim Brewster, just got picked to be on Deion Sanders staff at the University of Colorado. Brewster will be in a familiar position as he will be the Tight Ends coach under Coach Prime.

Brewster, who when we look back at his time in Minnesota with hindsight was the ultimate salesman. When he was announced as the Head Coach of the Gophers in 2007, he talked about Rose Bowls and National Championships coming back to the land of 10,000 lakes and revitalizing the program.

Brewster was ultimately fired in 2010, and he went on to be a TV Analyst and then back into coaching.

My favorite Tim Brewster moment happened when he started talking about chili to his players as a way to motivate them. It's the most baffling thing I've ever heard a coach tell a player. Since this moment, I've never been able to say the word chili without thinking of this guy.

Since being at the University of Minnesota he has been:

2012: Wide Receivers Coach at Mississippi State

2013 - 2017: Florida State Tight Ends Coach

2018: Texas A&M Tight Ends Coach

2019: North Carolina Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends Coach

2020-2021: Florida Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends Coach

2022: Jackson State Tight Ends Coach

While things didn't work out here in Minnesota, I will wish coach Brew the best of luck with Coach Prime in Colorado, but one has to wonder what the altitude does to the chili.

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