Right now Minnesota has a law that basically says you can't use your cell phone for any other reason than GPS and phone calls. Now, a bill is being looked at to ban using your phone to take or make calls while driving.

Star Tribune is reporting that a bill is being introduced on Tuesday to lawmakers, banning hand-held cell phone use while driving.

According to the bill, you could still use one-touch features to answer and place calls hands-free, as well as GPS functionality. Any other usage would be a petty misdemeanor in Minnesota.

There's obviously some issues in Minnesota with the broad labeling of "texting and driving", which is simply being distracted by your cell phone while operating a vehicle. It's the cause of 1 in 4 crashes on Minnesota, so it's obvious that people aren't getting the picture and unable to help themselves for the most part.

This leads to the question -- How far is too far with cell phone laws? Do we have to ban the use of them in the car when driving? Do the fines just need to be much larger? We'd love to hear your option on this.

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