Bigfoot has been reported multiple times in Minnesota, especially in Remer, and now there's a way to lessen your chances of scaring him off while looking for him.

The legend of Bigfoot still continues across the United States, and even though he (or she?) has never been captured after all these years, there's still plenty of people who will do anything they can to get his attention.

Animal Planet filmed an episode of "Finding Bigfoot" in Remer, Minnesota - the home of Bigfoot, proving this town in Minnesota is the official location of the original Bigfoot. Whether or not he's real, Minnesota can claim the fame of this beast who roams the woods, never to be caught and rarely seen.

Now you can increase your chances of attracting Bigfoot with a new body spritz that doesn't scare him off! The spray has a woodsy scent that makes it tough for Bigfoot to decipher between a human or the deep woods with his great sense of smell.

Allie Webb owns Happy Body Care in North Carolina, and invented the all-natural spray at her kitchen table, and really believes this spray will attract any version of Bigfoot within a mile. It also works as a bug-repellent and will run you $7 plus $5 shipping.

There's no telling if there will finally be an official run-in with the furry creature this year, but there's no doubt after all these years that we need all the help we can.

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