Everybody knows "that guy" at work.

The one who wears white socks with sandals. The one who claims he didn't steal your lunch from break room fridge. The one who seems to lack any awareness of personal hygiene. The one who leaves just enough coffee in the coffee pot so he doesn't have to wash it or prepare another pot. The one who listens to Youtube videos with the volume on full blast. The one who replies all when a reply to one will do.

I try to keep a low profile at work (as much as a radio DJ can). I work hard without being overly-ambitious; I'm friendly and personable without being over-the-top or annoying; I care about how I dress and look and smell without being the eccentric or flamboyant one in the office.

Still, sometimes even the best efforts aren't enough, and I recently became "that guy" without trying or realizing it.

Which category of "that guy" did I become? Watch the video below to find out.

Have you ever been "that" guy or girl? 

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