Ice fishing conditions in Central Minnesota haven't been great this year and the recent snowfall has dealt our area lakes another blow.  That according to Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News who joined me on WJON.  He says we're "starting over on these lakes".  Schmitt explains the snow could be manageable but the wind will cause some significant snow drifts on the lakes and some accesses will be snowed shut.  He says Central Minnesota has decent ice but the thaw and freeze combination along with 4 significant snow events has made the ice depth less than normal.

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Schmitt suggests a snowmobile to get around areas lakes until some roads can get plowed.  He says to remember since there aren't many fish houses on area lakes don't expect many roads will be plowed.  Schmitt says not portable fish houses have to be off area lakes by March 6th and many people already pulled their fish houses off the ice before this most recent snow storm.

Northern Minnesota didn't see the amount of snow central and southern Minnesota saw this week so Schmitt suggests that northern Minnesota lakes would be options for those willing to travel.

Forecasting when ice will be out on area lakes can always be difficult but Schmitt says we are trending that direction.  Last year Schmitt indicated we couldn't make it out onto area lakes on March 21st or 22nd because the shorelines pulled away too far.  He says we don't have as much ice this year as we typically do which could lead to earlier ice out.  Schmitt says the large amounts of snow on the ice will help deteriorate the ice along with days getting longer and the strength of the sun.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen Schmitt it is available below.



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