This year's inductees for the Toy Hall Of Fame have been announced. Uno, Pinball and the Magic 8 Ball have all been welcomed with open arms for 2018. Here are a few iconic toys that were invented right here in Minnesota!

Twister - Invented in 1965, and inducted into the Toy Hall Of Fame in 2015. It was originally created as a back-to-school shoe display by St. Paul ad man Reyn Guyer. Before it was known as "Twister" it was called "King's Footsie" and "Pretzel".

Nerf Balls - Originally intended to be playing pieces for a game called "Caveman", Reyn Guyer's song discovered the balls were more fun on their own. They were licensed out to Parker Brothers and sold over 4 million units in their first year.

Cooties - Inventor Herb Schaper of Minneapolis first sold the game on consignment at Dayton's. With over 5,000 units sold by 1950, people everywhere were excited about building a cootie piece by piece!

Rollerblades - The inline design came from Minnesota man Scott Olsen in 1979 as a way to help hockey players train in the warmer months. Both blades and skates were inducted into the Toy Hall Of Fame in 1999.

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